Why change?

Today’s large societal challenges (including changing demographics, economic inequities, environmental realities, funder expectations, and technological affordances) provide opportunities and mandates for cultural and other learning organizations to re-think our roles in order to make a meaningful and measurable difference. If our charge is to fulfill our public value mission, we must respond accordingly as the needs of our communities change.

In this fast-paced, dynamic environment, all organizations need to adapt—and remain agile—in order to stay relevant, valued within our communities, and financially stable. We need different strategies, approaches, and skill sets for innovation and sustainability.


My Vision

A society where all learning organizations, including museums and libraries, play essential roles in fulfilling each person’s lifelong learning potential and contribute meaningfully to the health and vitality of the entire community.


What I Offer

  • Deep knowledge and experience in, the museum and cultural policy sector as well the intersections among museums, libraries, foundations, government agencies, and colleges, universities, and other formal learning organizations.
  • More than two decades as a national leader  in national cultural agencies, deeply involved in grant making, federal cultural policy, and groundbreaking public/private initiatives and strategic partnerships.
  • Sixteen years as a museum professional, working in art, history, ethnographic, and living history museums, including seven years as museum CEO, guiding strategic, financial, and programmatic priorities.
  • Senior advisor and faculty for two distinguished national and international museum leadership programs.
  • A national and international network of colleagues, collaborators, innovators, and thought leaders that includes cultural and educational leaders, public and private funders, and policy makers.

Ten Reasons To Retain My Services

  • You are ready for change, but your staff or your board is not.
  • You want to re-think your “public value” proposition to be more agile and responsive to community needs.
  • You want to align your work with the insights and imperatives of 21st Century learning, including strategies for organizational priorities, partnerships, and assessing impact.
  • You want to develop and nurture strategic partnerships and collaborations with other organizations that make you a vital player in a larger learning ecosystem.
  • You want to develop a sustainable plan for effective community engagement, identifying relevant stakeholders, creating a viable and trusted engagement process, and aligning community needs with your mission and resources.
  • You want to grow the leadership capacity throughout your organization.
  • You want to re-examine your organization chart and the desired skills and competencies that you want to grow in your staff and volunteers
  • As a leader in your organization, you’d welcome a confidential and trusted, periodic sounding board as you move ahead with your organization’s transformation.
  • In short, you want to reposition or enhance your organization’s role as a relevant, vibrant and valuable community asset—one that makes a difference. You want an experienced and trusted counsel to provide--for the CEO, Board, staff, other stakeholders—insights into the current environmental context for cultural organizations, strategic directions for sustainability, trends in cultural participation, and skills needed for out-of-school learning professionals.


How Have My Clients Used Me?

  • Supporting and enriching national and local learning networks and partnerships
  • Strategic planning and organizational reinvention
  • Leadership development
  • Addressing the implications of new technologies on learning organizations
  • Individual mentoring for mid-career museum professionals
  • Keynote speaker on change and innovation in the informal learning sector, evolution of learning ecosystems, early learning, and collective impact